How long do hardwood floors last? Here are the facts

How long do hardwood floors last? Here are the facts

Most everyone loves hardwood floors. When installed and cared for properly, these types of floors can last a long time, looking beautiful year after year. Real wood?or a quality engineered hardwood?is a fantastic durable floor material for all sorts of indoor environments, including those exposed to heavy foot traffic, pets, furniture or sunlight. And just like any other type of flooring material, the better you take care of hardwood, the longer it will be around for your enjoyment. It?s no wonder that homeowners and business owners across the country keep choosing wood for their flooring needs.

Perhaps you already have hard flooring, or maybe you?re thinking about installing new hardwood floors. Wood is a nice option, but how long do hardwood floors in Monroe County, PA homes last? Here?s what you need to know.

Depends on how it's installed and maintained
Most hardwood floors that are cared for properly will last a long time, while some can last a lifetime. However, the lifespan of your wood floor also heavily depends on the quality of the materials used in its construction. Another important factor is the way it was installed. Flooring experts know that hardwood floors need to be placed over a flat subfloor to ensure they stay durable over the years. Before beginning a flooring project, have an experienced floor installer inspect your home?s subfloor. They will be able to determine if the conditions of your space are ideal for hardwood floors.

Problems due to an irregular subfloor

Some subfloors have irregularities. If this is the case for your floors, you may run into problems with refinishing the surface properly. Yes, hardwood floors need to be refinished well in order to last a long time. The subfloor must be flat for the sanding to be consistent or you risk taking off too much in certain areas, and the more that?s removed, the shorter its life will be.

Hardwood floors: Natural vs. engineered

Believe it or not, older natural hardwood floors typically last longer than newer engineered hardwood floors. Why? Because the more real wood that is used for your floor, the better it is for longevity.

Keep up with maintenance

Be sure to only allow experienced hardwood floor installers and refinishers to work on your wood floors. If you hire a highly skilled, experienced wood floor refinisher to install your floor, the odds are good that all the important aspects of the project will be taken care of and the results will last a long time. Your floors will also require refinishing less often. Furthermore, how you care for your hardwood floors plays a huge role in its longevity. Keep in mind that hardwood floors need regular maintenance to stay looking beautiful and in good condition. Talk to your floor installer about the best ways to clean and care for the wood.

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