Supporting the life expectancy of vinyl flooring

Supporting the life expectancy of vinyl flooring

How long does vinyl flooring last? Generally speaking, it normally stays attractive and durable for about 10 to 20 years, assuming it is installed correctly. It is currently a popular choice among homeowners in Monroe County, PA for its appearance and resilience, and it will likely make a good addition to your home. Here is what makes it durable and how to take care of it so you can keep it for decades, rather than just a few years.

Durable materials

Not all flooring is treated equally. This is just as true with vinyl flooring as it is with your other options. Less expensive materials that are thinner will not last as long as thicker flooring that can easily exceed a life expectancy of 25 years. (This assumes normal foot traffic.)

If you are on a strict budget, less expensive and thinner vinyl will last between five and 10 years. This can be a quick fix for a rental property, or if you are trying to sell your home. However, if you plan to stick around for a while (or have a reliable long-term renter), it will save you money to make a larger investment upfront. Replacing floors every five years starts to add up.

Fortunately, vinyl flooring is easy to repair. Since we install it in pieces, if one section is damaged, we only have to replace that section. That works whether you need flooring for a rental or your own home. You also have the option for several looks, including vinyl products that mimic the appearance of tile and hardwood. As wood floors are the latest home fashion craze, using more durable and less expensive vinyl can add value to your home.

Clean it right!

Vinyl flooring is easy to care for, but you still have to be careful when doing so. Using the wrong cleaners will diminish its appearance and its long-lasting tendencies. The best cleanser for vinyl floors is a mixture of apple cider vinegar and water. This combination breaks down dirt without damaging your floor. It will help your floor appear as new as it was on the day you installed it.

Never mop your floor without vacuuming it first. Dirt and debris can scratch your floor as you mop. Treat any scuffs before you use the vinegar and water mixture. WD-40 and a towel will treat scuffs and allow you to move on to cleaning your floor.

When you wish to move furniture, be careful not to scratch the floor. Either put pads under the feet of your chairs, couches and tables, or lift them up rather than slide them across the floor. If your floor does get a scratch, you can either buff it out with WD-40 or call your floor installer for a repair appointment. There are some scuffs and scratches that simply cannot be buffed out and, if left to linger, they may lead to further floor damage.

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