The warmest winter floors

The warmest winter floors

Who doesn?t love the feeling of coming home on a cold winter?s day? You can get in your most comfortable fleece, put on your slippers and sip on your favorite hot beverage. But it?s not just socks, sweaters and cocoa that will make you feel warm. The right flooring is important for making your home comfortable as well, as some types are better at retaining heat than others.

The reality is that winter has arrived, and having optimal flooring in Monroe County, PA could make all the difference in your comfort level at home. Let?s take a look at which floors are the best choices to fight back against frigid winter temperatures:

- Carpeting:
?One flooring surface that?s proven its value when the temperatures drop is carpeting. For living rooms, bedrooms and family rooms, carpets have long been a popular choice among homeowners. That?s because a soft, plush carpet defends against the cold and insulates against heat loss. Wool and dense foam carpets are particularly excellent choices if you?re looking for something that feels comfy underfoot and will prevent the loss of heating.

- Cork:
?While not everyone would think of cork as a flooring material, it?s gaining popularity. That?s in part due to the fact that it has tiny air pockets that act like insulation, preventing hot air from escaping. It also has a clear benefit over carpeting because it doesn?t trap allergens, like dust and pet dander, the way carpets do.

- Vinyl:
?While this might not provide the coziness of carpet, vinyl can be an additional surface over a foam or cork flooring. This provides a low-maintenance option, as vinyl is water-resistant and easy to clean, while still reaping the benefits of these other surfaces.

- Tile:
?This might not appear to be a warm surface, but with radiant heating, tiles can be beneficial during winter. Radiant heating transmits the heat through the floor, making tile an ideal choice. Plus, it?s water-resistant and very easy to clean.

- Try some tricks:
?If replacing your floor isn?t an option right now, you can always try other techniques to make your existing floors a bit warmer and cozier. Put out some plush area rugs to make the space more inviting. Seal up cracks and holes in the walls and around the baseboards to prevent heat from escaping. Raise those curtains during the day to take advantage of solar heat.

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