What does below-grade flooring mean?

What does below-grade flooring mean?

When shopping for new floors around the house, you include every room. So yes, that means you even have your soon-to-be-finished basement.

Below-grade flooring refers to rooms that are underground, such as a basement. Shopping for below-grade flooring can be difficult if you aren't sure what it means.

Below-grade flooring can also refer to underground storm shelters or cellars. So whether you're finally finishing or refinishing your underground space, there are some things you may need to know.

What materials are ideal for below-grade flooring?

Since below-grade flooring refers to underground rooms, you want to look for materials that would be ideal new floors in high-moisture areas. Most of the time, below-grade areas can stay humid and damp, with the potential for water damaged flooring.

Using hardwood floors wouldn't be ideal because it can harbor mold and become deformed in the humid circumstances. Instead, using durable waterproof materials such as vinyl, ceramic tile, concrete, or porcelain would be the best idea.

Choosing your style

If you still want to go with the look of hardwood, you can go with vinyl planks. Choosing porcelain or ceramic tile is another good option, and you can choose from various styles.

Choosing a flooring company with an extensive catalog of tiles and vinyl planks is a good option when picking a style that fits your needs. Having a finished look in your below-grade flooring can be easy with plenty of choices

Where to find your new below-grade flooring

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