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Hardwood flooring in Stroudsburg, PA

Hardwood installations are universally renowned as a luxury flooring material and one that adds value to your space. It’s resilient, beautiful and natural, lending itself to any room to improve the atmosphere and sophistication.

The Floor Source is proud to help home and business owners reap the benefit of authentic hardwood flooring in Stroudsburg, PA. We bring you a full range of wood types and stain hues, backed by hardwood flooring name brands with a proven track record of excellence.

Choosing the right hardwood flooring

There’s more to choosing wood flooring in Stroudsburg, PA than picking the right hue. It’s also critical to choose a wood grain pattern that’s exemplary and a finish that brings your space to life. If you’re in the market for hardwood, consider all of the following:

  • Wood type:
    From pine and maple to poplar and mahogany, there’s a diverse range of wood flooring types to choose from.

  • Stain and sheen:
    Choose from a full spectrum of greys and browns, with finishes that span mattes, sheens and satins.

  • Brand:
    The right brand can make all the difference in your hardwood investment. We carry only the best, from proven brands like Shaw.

At The Floor Source, we help you discern all of the variables that are important to you when choosing your wood floor in Stroudsburg, PA, so you make an investment that’s absolutely perfect.

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Only the best wood floor name brands

When you shop for hardwood flooring with us, you’ll have access to some of the industry’s most trusted brands.

Hardwood installation

If you’re ready to bring the many benefits of quality hardwood flooring in Stroudsburg, PA into your home, let us handle the tile, laminate, or hardwood installation in Brodheadsville, Staylorsburg, Monroe County, or Effort, PA. We install with precision and care, so your hardwood looks beautiful and last for decades.

Stop into The Floor Source for quality hardwood flooring in Brodheadsville, PA today to see our many options for yourself and to speak with our flooring experts about the styles and features you’re looking for. Or, contact us at (570) 992-5660 to discuss hardwood installation.

*Please note that we do not offer hardwood floor refinishing.