Area rugs in Brodheadsville, PA

The right area rug can add dimension and beauty to a space. Whether it's your living room, dining room, bedroom, office or other area, The Floor Source is pleased to bring customers a diverse inventory of area rugs in Brodheadsville, PA. With rugs of all sizes, textures, colors and patterns, we're determined to help you bring the many benefits of an area rug into your home.

How to shop for area rugs

Not sure what type of area rug is right for you? All it takes is some forethought to the type of impression you want to make in your space. Take a look at all of the factors to consider:

  • Size:
    How big is the space where you want to place your rug? What's going on top of it, versus being left off of it? It's a smart idea to take measurements of the room before shopping, then consult with one of our sales representatives about the right-sized rug. The goal is to find one that's small enough to proportionally fit in the room, yet big enough to accommodate everything that needs to go on top of it.

  • Texture:
    Do you prefer a short, Berber-style rug? How about a shag-style option? Choosing the right rug texture can make all the difference! Be sure to consider where the rug will be placed and what type of traffic it'll be subjected to. Your choice should be one that's easy to manage, yet complementary to your area.

  • Color:
    Choose a rug that accents your room with a complementary color, or one that makes a statement and can serve as a focal point. Either way, using area rugs as accents to your overall décor is a great way to get the best mileage out of their addition to a room.

  • Pattern:
    If your space is a solid block of colors, a patterned rug can really help to open up the space and add appeal. Likewise, if you have patterns already featured in your décor, it's a smart idea to choose a patterned rug that will complement them.


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